I only had the opportunity to know your father for 5 days when we brought him and the band to Hawaii. However, it seemed like I knew your father for a life time. He was a very good man and I saw the roads, good and bad in his eyes. Your father helped me with some advice that he gave me before he and the band left that I still carry with me to this day. So, your father is still with me and many more people that he has touched through his kindness and music. He will always be with you Kenny. That’s the type of man he was. Take care and keep doing what you love! Steve Cromwell

I was privileged to see Willie perform many times and to meet him. He was a genuinely nice man and will forever hold a special place in blues history and in the hearts of all his many fans. Much love to his family. Diana Daley

Willie was and will always be one of my most treasured friends. I have so many stories of Willie I wouldn't know where to start. I am very thankful to have shared time with him. And I miss him every day. Dave Katzman

I sure love willie big eyes smith he was the best blues drummer that ever lived! Nathaniel, Hensley

One of the greatest men the blues has ever known... miss you Willie.. Perry, Weber

Many people knew Willie Big Eyes Smith as a luminous entertainer, a spectacular musician or for his fabulous performance on the stage. Well I have a different perspective of him, to me he was most important man in my life, and he was just daddy. I had the privilege to know him personally as a Christian man whom had faith and trust in god, a family man, and most of all an outstanding father.

Willie was a simple man. I found him to be a man of his word, a man with a humble spirit and a caring heart filled with compassion, a man with an exceptional personality, a man with integrity, a dedicated provider for his family and a true inspiration to me. His Family was the most important thing in his life. He would go the extra mile for his family. Before anything else with the exception of his lord and savior, he put his family first. If you really knew him, you would have known that he was not perfect, but a joy to be around. Daddy worked diligently for us. He would do everything in his power to make sure that we always had everything we needed and everything we could ever want. He has given us so much, including all his love. Daddy was a unique man, who strongly exemplifies many qualities that led him to be an astonishing husband and miraculous father.
He had a personal relationship with each one of his children and loved us unconditionally. In his eyes we were still his babies although we are all adults now. Each one of his children was special to him, and equal. He obviously understood that each of his children was an individual with a distinctive personality and various approaches were needed in order for him to value the relationship he had with us. My father had many life long tell it like it is discussion and playful moments with us. Education was important to my father. He encouraged us to finish school because he believed that education is a person’s greatest asset and you must work hard to achieve your aspiration in life. Daddy believed in us. No matter what obstacles we encountered in life, he always was there with advice, words of encouragements or forgiveness for the wrong choices we had made. We looked up to him. He was our confidence, our mentor and our friend for life. 

My father/daughter relationship was one which was built on a sturdy foundation filled with wisdom, guidance, reassurance and most important love. When I looked at my father I saw the greatest man in the world, who in my opinion could fix anything. I can remember things my dad taught me as a child. Things I could not have learned in any classroom. He taught me values, self-confidence, to stand by what you believe in, and to tell the truth no matter what. Daddy was a warm and genuine man; he not only influenced me through his actions, but through his conversation also. My father had a massive impact on the way I approach life. I have obtained not only knowledge, but applied his principles to my life. I don’t know why the Lord decided to bless me with a unique bond, but I am eternally grateful and extremely appreciative for such a wonderful father. Sally Smith