I remember being a student of The Blues and sitting in with Nick Moss and Willie decided to play drums. Half way through the song I remember seeing those big eyes and that smile and thinking -- this man played with Muddy, he was in the Blues Brothers, and I'm in the pocket with him! It gave me the tingles! Michael, Enos

Willie came to my house in the early 90's and we recorded a digital interview that I posted on a website I had back then. We had a ball, listened to a bunch of records and he told me some cool stories. One of the nicest people I've ever met in my 30 years of playing blues music. I met Willie after he stopped playing drums and was fronting, singing and playing harp. I got sit it in with Willie a few times at one place in Indiana, and a couple of Chicago joints God Bless....Rene, Trossman

Willie only passion was to be a part of the wheels turning and it did not matter to Willie if that meant being a sideman or a leader, as long as he could  play his drums and blow his harp.

In the late '90's I went on the road with willie to ceder falls Iowa. muddy's old bass player jimmy lee morris was on the gig. I thought we would be spending the night. we were driving back the same night. willie insisted on driving, even though his leg was bothering him after the gig. on the way home everyone else in the van was sleeping, so i stayed awake just to keep willie company. all of the sudden he slammed on the brakes....i thought maybe there was a deer in the road or something. willie said "shit man i got to turn around. gas is about 30 cents a gallon cheaper here than in chicago!!" Illinois Slim

there was another gig i did with willie in madison county, iowa. carey bell was on the gig. when we got to the gig the people there didn't know ahead of time that willie was the drummer on the gig. carey bell got a suite and we all got rooms. the people there asked willie if they should get him a suite. willie said..."if my rooms got a bed, a pillow, and a shower...that's "sweet" enough for me." the next morning we were all downstairs having breakfast, and willie was in his 5105 CLUB jacket...(which i think was kenny's) and he was playing pinball all by himself, having a great time. Illinois Slim

Willie and I played a gig with a guitar player named Smokey Jim somewhere out in the suburbs. After the gig Jim was telling us about this 20lbs lobster that was 144 years old that somebody was going to raffle off. Willie says "he gonna be a 20lbs pile of shit when I get done with him"! Jimmy Upstairs

I loved him, he was supposed to play an event for me and a noreaster came thru and it poured. Willie shows up ,and I tell him they aren't to play, I tell him I am disappointed because I was so looking forward to that show, and he says girl you don't know nobody that owns a bar, He and the band played special for me that night in a tiny bar. We become friends that night and it was one of the most magical nights of my life. I felt so blessed and honored to be friends with the great Legendary Bluesman. One of the most kind humble musicians I ever meet. I know you, Pinetop, Hubert, Muddy and Cotton are having an amazing jam in heaven. Love you Willie and miss your beautiful smile. Sue Luley

Was fishing up north with Willie 82-83?? we went to town in my truck It was a old rusty 1963 Dodge dump truck said this was the only thing I had to drive he laughed and said Bob I am from Arkansas what wrong with this truck we laughed so much the day in the old dodge. Bob Gates

I was the funeral director in charge of Pine Top Perkins’ funeral in Austin, Texas. Willie’s son had been taking care of Pine Top. We got to know each other. Pine Top’s manager gave me a CD of Pine Top and Big Eyes together. I think they won a Grammy for the album. When Big Eyes got to town and to the funeral home I asked his son if he thought his dad would sign it for me. He said sure and we walked over to his dad. The young man introducesd me to his dad and said I wanted him to auto my CD. I asked Big Eyes if he minded. He took the CD, signed it, handed it back to me and said, “you got my autograph but you’ll play hell gettin that other guy’s!” Lol! It was a great moment with a kind man. John Onstott